What is Selfhelpiness?

Self-Helpiness is a mental and physical state of consistently helping yourself to grow every single day. All our life, we have been told to practice virtues develop good habits and skills, but nobody ever talked about how to help ourselves. It's time that You Dare to Help Yourself by practicing Selfhelpiness, a virtue, a habit and a skill.

A Virtue

Just like you practice different virtues like Happiness, Gratitude, Courage, Enthusiasm, Commitment and Determination, practice 'Self-Helpiness'

A Habit

Just like any other good habit, Self-Helpiness is a habit to develop so that you can grow in life and become a better version of yourself

A Skill

Just like any other skill, it can be learned and refined over a period of time to gain expertise by using various resources and tools

Our Vision and Mission

Vision: To be the world’s biggest explicit platform to help people become best version of themselves by being Selfhelpians and empathical to create a convictive wave of Selfhelpiness.

Mission: To be a one stop entresol for all Self Development Resources and Tools, one can ever think of.

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