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[Mega Guide] How To Motivate Yourself To Do The Impossible Like A Pro?

[Ultimate Guide To Self Motivation] Most of us always try to find answers to this question “How to motivate yourself and stay motivated?” Haven’t you? I believe that’s what you are here for 🙂 Not just that, people from different areas of life ask it in their own versions like… Students ask “How to motivate yourself to study?” Teachers ask “How to motivate students?” Fitness enthusiasts ask “How to motivate yourself to work out?” Those who want to lose weight ask “How to motivate yourself to lose weight?” Professionals ask “How to stay motivated at work?” Employers ask “How to Read more…

How to find your passion in life
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[Beginner’s Guide] How to Find Your Purpose and Passion in Life?

How to Find Your Purpose and Passion in Life? Whenever I talk to people about my passion, I get showered with questions like these: How to find your purpose and passion in life? How do I find my passion? How to find what’s your calling? Is there a step by step guide to find your passion? Is there a test or quiz to find your passion? Is there a book about how to find your passion? How to find your passion and make it your career? How to find what you love to do? How to find your calling? …….. Read more…

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Good Books to Read for Teens and Young Adults

Good Books to Read for Teens and Young Adults After well-received articles on Best Self Help Books of All Time and Best Self Help Books for Women, I have been asked by many teenagers to write an article about Good Books to read for Teens and Young Adults. An article which talks about some of the Best Classic Books, Teen Fiction, Inspirational Books, Book Series for Teens which are highly recommended books for tweens. You can easily find them among top 100 books every teenager should read. “Leaders are Readers” The most common advice a teenager or a young adult gets from elder Read more…

Good Books to Read for Teens and Young Adults
10 Best Apps for Personal Development and Well-being
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10 Best Apps for Personal Development and Well-being in 2019

10 Best Apps for Personal Development and Well-being The steady and rapid rise of technology in all aspects of our lives has led to many great things as well as some not-so-great things such as losing our own self-awareness and not being satisfied with our overall well-being. However, not all hope is lost, and technology isn’t always the bad guy. In fact, we can use technology to help our own personal development and well-being by taking advantage of certain apps. Here, we’re going to break down ten of the best apps for personal development and well-being that can make a Read more…

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3 Things to Learn from #MeToo Movement for a Better Life

For the past couple of weeks, you might be listening to various stories of females from Bollywood, media and other areas on #MeToo movement. Some of the stories are as old as 15-20 years and some are as recent as a couple of months. In India, this #MeToo movement was triggered after Tanushree Dutta, a Bollywood actress, accused Nana Patekar of sexual harassment during the shooting of a movie, Horn Ok Please in 2008. However, Nana Patekar has denied these allegations. Although this #MeToo movement was started globally more than a decade ago, in India it has sparked recently. So Read more…

Indian Independence Day
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Inspirational Quotes on Independence Day

Inspirational Quotes on Independence Day Independence Day is around the corner and it is the best time to reflect upon the meaning of freedom for oneself and the society as a whole. For some freedom is to do whatever they wish to and for some freedom is to let others do whatever they want to. For some freedom is about sharing their views, opinions and thoughts freely. For some freedom is about being able to grow and let others grow along with them. Different people have different versions of their freedom. But over the period of time, great individuals and Read more…

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9 Best Self Help Books for Young Women to Read in their 20s

Best Self Help Books for Young Women in their 20s This list of the best self help books for young women is not just another list of self improvement books. I have prepared it just because I felt that it is the need of the hour. Having been worked in corporate, I have seen many young female colleagues how they struggle to make an impact. Despite the fact that they are talented and hard-working, somehow they are not noticed many a time. Just because they are too nice, never say no to anything and don’t speak up their mind when Read more…

best self help books for women
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Lessons to learn from Hima Das, IAAF World Champion 2018 (400m Race Under-20)

As you all know, on Thursday, athlete Hima Das, 18 yr old from Assam, (now known as the Golden Girl) made an incredible history by becoming India’s first ever track and field gold medalist at the IAAF World Championships (Under-20 400 m race event) in Tampere, Finland by clocking 51.46 seconds. The Hindu (external link). Embed from Getty Images And this is how Him Das became the first Indian woman to win an #IAAFworlds title — IAAF (@iaaforg) July 12, 2018 She has not only won IAAF World Championship 2018, but she has also taught us some of the Read more…

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Top Inspirational & Motivational Quotes About Life in 2019

Searching for some of the best inspirational and self motivational quotes to push you through in 2019? Then, you have landed at the right place. Browse through these amazing quotes images and download them for free if you wish too. There are moments in our lives when we feel stuck or disheartened, but one meaningful motivational quote is good enough to compel us to think again. Then we dust it off and rise again to chase our dreams. Inspirational and motivational quotes are really powerful for those who understand their importance. Read these thought-provoking inspirational quotes and keep moving forward Read more…

inspirational and motivational quotes
time management productivity tips techniques hacks
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9 Awesome Articles to Read for Time Management Tips and Strategies

Whenever it comes to time management or productivity tips and techniques, generally there are two schools of thoughts. One says that you must meticulously plan each and every moment of your day to utilize it to the best of possibility. And another school of thought says that you cannot manage time until you manage yourself. According to them, time management is actually more about self-management. Personally, when I started to focus on managing my time, it was utterly difficult. But when I shifted my focus to manage my mindset and purpose, it became very easy to enhance my productivity. I Read more…

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11 Best Self Help Books of All Time to Read in 2019

Best Self Help Books One Must Read in 2019 Quick Look Best Overall: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill “A classic and one of the best self help books on personal development that goes beyond time and ages.” Best for Interpersonal Skills: How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie “Obvious looking yet power packed lessons to change the way you communicate with people and impact their life” Best for Balanced Personal and Professional Life: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey “One of the classic and the best personal development books of Read more…

Best self help books of all time